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It is time to take back control of our bodies! Dr.Phil's on board, and with a nation of support behind us, it's time to shed the pounds!

The 17 Day Diet has been featured on The Doctors and the Dr. Phil Show and was created by Dr. Mike Moreno.

The 17 Day Diet is a weight loss plan that was initially created to avoid the holiday weight gain. But the beauty about the diet is that it can be used at any time throughout the year to shed a few pounds.
Every 17 days you’re changing what you’re doing. "We call it metabolic, or body, confusion,” Dr. Mike

What Is The 17 Day Diet?
It’s a diet based on calorie shifting or eating in cycles, the main aim of which is to confuse the metabolic system. In other words you change the way you eat every few days or weeks. This method constantly keeps your metabolism guessing at what is next and it never settles into a state of regularity, with the end result that you experience increased weight loss.

How The 17 Day Diet Works
On The 17 Day Diet, you have to adjust how you eat every 17 days, changing the combination of healthy fats, proteins and carbohydrates that you eat. The diet also focuses on clean eating, which means you cannot have any sugar, processed foods, fried foods or alcohol.
Whilst this method may work in the short-term it falls short of helping people make behavioural changes towards their eating habits and could lead to irregular eating patterns. That’s why so many dieters end up being yo-yo dieters because they are bouncing from one fad diet to another.

Four cycles of The 17 Day Diet:

  • Cycle 1: Accelerate. Encourages rapid weight loss, cleansing and fat burning. Discourages fat storage.
  • Cycle 2: Activate. Resets the metabolism.
  • Cycle 3: Achieve. Develop good eating habits, re-teach yourself how to eat carbs.
  • Cycle 4: Arrive. A combination of the first three Cycles. On weekends, enjoy your favourite foods.

What you eat on The 17 Day Diet:

Scrambled eggs
1 cup green tea

2 boiled eggs
Large salad with lettuce, carrots, broccoli, onion, tomato

Afternoon Snack
Yogurt with fresh berries

Turkey breast
Steamed carrots and asparagus

The 17 Day Diet also features a 17-minute exercise routine you should do as well as tons of tips and strategies to avoid food pitfalls.

As seen on the Dr. Phil Show and The Doctors. Available on Amazon.